A Bit About Myself

Dedicated to Wellbeing

My love of Pilates began during my early years as a dancer. I trained at the Laban Centre for Movement and Dance in London, England, where I combined daily dance classes with Pilates exercises. During that same period I was developing my knowledge of the fitness industry.
Many years later, I gave up professional dancing to move to Singapore.
It was only after giving birth to my second child, that I began to suffer from severe back pain.  This led me full circle back to Pilates where dedication and daily practice helped to resolve my back issues.
That moment of realisation of the powerful nature of Pilates sent me on a journey to bring the health and healing benefits of Pilates to everyone possible.
Many years of training and practicing Pilates, combined with dance and fitness now underlies my practice.
I aim to give you the best possible workout that your body needs, combining disciplines, delivering results.


How I can help you

I am a fully certified Polestar Pilates instructor offering the following classes:

- Reformer Pilates

- Mat Pilates

- Pilates Fusion (a combination of Pilates and Fitness Training)

- Yin Pilates (a slower paced stretch class)

- Pre-Natal and Post-Natal Pilates

- Pilates for Menopause

- Rectus Diastasis Healing (when the abdominals may have stretched apart during pregnancy or childbirth)

- Mysofascial Release

- Pilates for Children

- Pilates for Dancers

If you don't see what you're looking for, contact me to see if I can help