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All classes are 55 minutes in duration.

(Childrens' classes are 45 minutes in duration.)

As each session is either a private, or duet if you have booked in with a friend, you are ensured a completely personalised workout focusing on individual needs and getting you the best results possible.  Group classes are also kept small for this reason.

All packages of 5 classes have a two month expiry date.

All packages of 10 classes have a four month expiry date.

All sessions must be paid for in advance.

There is a 24 hour notice of cancellation policy.

Payment can be made by PayNow.

Reformer Workout

Package of 5 private sessions

Reformer Workout

Ad-hoc private session

$130 per session

Elderly Couple Practising Yoga

$350 per person per package of 5
$80 per person per session.

Pilates Work Out

Group Classes

These classes can be held in various locations - please contact me directly for further information.

Semi-Private Group Classes

$400 for a package of 10

Yoga Practice

Pilates for Children
Package of 5 sessions $400

Doing Yoga

Yin Pilates
Package of 5 private session

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